Barton Stacey History Group



We research, care for and share the archives of the parish of Barton Stacey, Hampshire.


We aim to

     preserve the known documented history of Barton Stacey parish;

      research areas and time periods not already covered, and collect oral histories;

      inform residents past and present of progress via this website, an emailing list and       through occasional talks and exhibitions;

      encourage and assist parish residents and other interested parties to do their own       delving into the history of the parish.

      There are 5 of us. We got together in 2012, looking to build on the previous work

      that has been done on the history of this parish by historians no longer with us -

      Rev. Ulric Zwinglius Rule (1840-1934), Mr John S. Gordon Clark (1903-1985),

      Mrs Peggy Hoare (1924-1988), Rev. Cecil B. Verity (1901-1995), Mr Shane Hearn.



The History Group for Barton Stacey Parish actively researches the history of the parish and makes its findings available through this website and through talks and exhibitions.

Of course, as well as the village, we include the history of the hamlets of Bransbury

and Newton Stacey, as well as the farms. Click on the map to discover more.

   To find out what we are doing

      We are happy to try to answer your questions.

      You can share your memories by joining the Facebook forum

      or simply by emailing us.

   Please note we do not organise history talks of a general nature -

   other local groups do this superbly well.

Drayton and Difford Overview Hill Farm, Moody's Down & Cocum Bransbury & River Dever Newton Stacey

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