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WILLIAM KEW (ca.1744-1821),


William Kew married his first wife, Rebecca Gibbs, at All Saints, Barton Stacey on 8 October 1775 and his second wife Ann Farmer on 13 October 1791 at Wonston. The following year, about two months after the 'Great Fire' at Barton Stacey, he purchased the property which we now call Chalk Dell rom Henry Allen. We believe that Henry Allen had added to the house and garden he had purchased five years ealier by erecting premises in the garden. It is possible that these premises were used by William Kew in his trade as a higgler (a person who trades in dairy, poultry and small game animals). We can only speculate that he raised poultry and other animals in the village, either in his garden or somewhere nearby, and perhaps sold produce to locals from his premises.

He traded at Winchester Market on a regular basis. In 1796 he prosecuted for attempting to raise the common price on provisions and proposing to other dealers to join him'. He was ordered meantime to 'keep from Winchester Market for a month'.


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