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We research, care for and share the archives of the parish of Barton Stacey, Hampshire.

Back row:  ----- BIANCI, [2nd from left?], Fred BIANCI, ----- WHITBREAD, ----- BIGGS, [6th from left?], Miss FLEET.

2nd row:     ----- HOARE, Mary KERLEY, Cyril BIGGS, Beryl HOARE, [5th from left?], [6th from left?], [7th from left?], Lancelot DOSWELL, ----- PHIPPEN?.

3rd row:      Bill HOARE, [2nd from left?], Nellie MARSHMAN, ----- MARSHMAN, [5th from left?], Enid SIMMS, Daphne DUDMAN, Dennis BURT.

Front row:  Ralph MELVIN, [2nd from left?], [3rd from left?], Sid DUDMAN, Fred SMITH.

2018 was the 60th birthday of Barton Stacey's present school building at The Green.

A big thankyou to everyone who has already posted their photographs and memories.

If you have not done so, do hunt out those old photos and tell us about your memories.

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To read about our old school see 'History of Barton Stacey's Schools 1760-1960'.

Further projects include the indexing of admissions of pupils in the 19th century.

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This section on the history of Barton Stacey School is being expanded soon