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We research, care for and share the archives of the parish of Barton Stacey, Hampshire.


The following fund-raising events were arranged:

Donation from Trustees of the Barton Stacey charity.

Sale of books and cakes held on 26 February, organised by Peggy Carter, Josie McCabe, Audrey Freemantle and Mrs Owen Edmunds.

The same ladies organised a sponsored walk round the footpaths on 1 May.

A beetle drive was arranged on 18 March.

A dance on 9 April.

The Wives Club's  jumble sale on 21 April.

Mrs Talbot held a coffee morning at the end of May.

The football club donated the money raised by their Grand National draw.

A Thrift  Sale was held on 12 May and 25% of the money raised for clothes brought along went to the Jubilee Committee. The event also included a sweet stall and a canned food stall.

The Married Quarters held a raffle. Mrs Norris won the cake and donated it to the committee for the Bumper Tea Party.


The Minutes of the Committee set up to organise the Queen's Silver Jubilee Celebrations give us considerable information about this enjoyable day in the parish.

Following an open meeting of parishioners, the first meeting of the Barton Stacey Jubilee Committee was held at the village hall on Thursday, 2 December 1976. Those present were Dennis Dewey (Chairman), Mick Carter & Mrs Peggy Carter (Secretary), Maj. John Evans (Treasurer), Dave Freemantle and Mrs Audrey Freemantle, Dennis Smith, Robin Hoare, Trevor Drinkwater, Bill Goddard, the Reverend H. Llewellyn, Mrs Warren, Mrs Nancy Compton, Mrs Josie McCabe.

At the next meeting on 13 January 1977, Mrs Owen Edmonds from Bransbury and Mr Giles and Mr Wells from Bullington joined. It was at first the plan for Bullington parish to join Barton Stacey for the celebrations but, in fact, during January Bullington decided to hold its own festivities and Mr Giles' and Mr Wells' involvement ceased.

Six further committee meetings on 10 February (at which Maj. Nottingham was welcomed to the committee representing the Married Quarters), 10th March, 8 April (at which Mrs Riggs was welcomed to the committee taking the place of Mrs Warren's duties on the day of the celebrations), 6th May (there having been an election on the previous day which prevented the use of the village hall), 23rd May and 3 June.


The Wives Club made sandwiches and there was also a ‘sausage roll team’. Lettuces, milk and eggs were given by local people. The Army provided jugs, teapots, tea and tables and the Married Quarters made 600 pieces of cake.

Rev. Llewellyn & Dennis Dewey The design used for the table mats and coasters sold as mementos.By Duncan Brimston

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