Barton Stacey History Group



We research, care for and share the archives of the parish of Barton Stacey, Hampshire.

      Parish Records            Censuses                     Wills                  Settlement and removal


Please note this list is being added to on a regular basis.

Also, files are updated as we obtain more information.

A        Adams Ames Anthony Avery

B        Ball  Banting  Barter  Batt  Benham  Berryman  Bird  Blake  Bower  Brickwood  Broad  Brown

C        Canning(s)/Cannon(s) Carter Cook  Crouch  

DE      Diddams Dowdell  Elkins  


H I      Hopkins

JK      Jones  Kew  Kingston  Kirby   

L        Lawrence  Lock   

MN      Mills     North

OPQ    Pitt  Page  Pope  

R        Rolfe/Ralph  Rose  

S        Self Spencer Stidston  Stubbs

T        Tarrant Taylor  

UVW   Vokes  Waters


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The history of our families is very much a work in progress.

The box below contains what we presently know of just some of them.

  If you want to add to the information we have, then please contact us.